Duration of contract:
1. This contract shall have the duration of the contract as set out in the specific conditions.
2. The bicycle/electric scooter must be returned on the date and place specified in the contract.
3. The lessor may unilaterally terminate the contract before the date of its conclusion in the event of a
serious breach by the lessor in the use and care of the bicycle/electric scooter. In this case, the lessor may
immediately take possession of the bicycle/electric scooter at the place where it is located, without the
hirer being entitled to any kind of claim or compensation.
4. The lessee may extend the term of this contract by personally notifying the lessor where the lease was
made, before the date of termination of the lease. In this case, if the lessor so requires, a new contract
must be concluded.
5. Upon expiry of the lease, the lessee shall deliver the bicycle/electric scooter to the place designated in
the lease agreement. If the lessor fails to do so, he may immediately take possession of the
bicycle/electric scooter at the place where it is located, without being entitled to any claim by the lessor.
Regarding the bicycle/electric scooter:
1. The bicycle/electric scooter is delivered in perfect conditions of use, with all its tools, accessories and
equipment, in perfect condition, and must be returned by the lessee in the same conditions.
2. The lessee may not assign, sell, mortgage, exchange or pledge the bicycle/electric scooter or its tools
and elements. Under no circumstances shall s/he use the bicycle/electric scooter in a way that conflicts
with the owner’s right of ownership.
3. It is forbidden to make any kind of modification on the bike/electric scooter without the consent of the
lessor. It is also prohibited to:
a) Put the bike/electric scooter in the sand of the beach as the damage could be irreparable.
b) The use of bicycles/electric scooters and rental equipment by persons who are not designated as users
in the rental agreement.
4. The lessee shall be responsible for the proper care of the set of keys, helmet, lock and any other
material delivered. In case of loss, the lessee shall be liable with the estimated cost of the equipment.
5. In the event of the loss or theft of the bicycle/electric scooter, the lessor shall forfeit all right to the
security deposit and shall immediately notify this fact. In addition, it must compensate the lessee in the
amount agreed between the two parties and fixed in writing.
Regarding the rental price:
1. The Lessee expressly undertakes to pay to the Lessor the charges corresponding to the prices of the
rates specified in the specific conditions of this contract for the time of disposal of the bicycle/electric
scooter, as well as the legally applicable taxes.
2. The following shall also be borne by the lessee:
a) The amount or difference in value of tool or other that is missing from the bike/electric scooter or has
been replaced.
b) Costs incurred by the lessor for transporting and paralysing the bicycle/electric scooter.
c) The amount of all types of fines, judicial and extrajudicial expenses arising from any type of penalty,
including crane charges and municipal deposit to remove the bicycle/electric scooter, for events occurring
during the term of the contract.
3. The lessee may cancel the contract in advance. However, such cancellation will entail in favour of the
lessor, a penalty of 50% of the price of the rent pending expiration.
4. The lessee shall also be liable for all legal expenses arising from the lessee’s failure to comply with the
obligations laid down in this contract.
5. Bicycle rental does not include self-damage insurance, so the hirer is liable for all material or personal
damage that he may suffer. The rental is not covered by FuerteBike insurance.